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Provide Filters to Save Lives 

Give By Mail

Click the button below to find the instructions for how you can provide water filters through giving by mail. 

Give Online

Click the button below to provide water filters by giving through our secure, online format. The cost of one filter is $35. That one filter will provide clean water for an entire family in Ghana! 


If you are a school, corporation, or organization, partner with us to make a BIG impact on the people of Ghana. Click the button below to fill out a form for more information. This information will inform us on how we can personally partner with you to save and change lives through clean water.

Give People Their First Drink of Clean Water

Find out below the impact of clean water and ideas for how you can start raising money to provide filters today!

Impact of Clean Water

  • Unclean water often carries parasites and bacteria that causes serious disease for those who drink it.
  • The bacteria in unclean water sometimes causes children’s teeth to begin to rot away and poses risk to pregnant women.
  • Clean water often lengthens life expectancy.

Campaign Ideas

Donate a Birthday

Are people asking you what to get you for your birthday and you’re out of ideas for them? Send friends and family the link to donate water filters. Use your birthday to save lives in Ghana by providing families with clean water! 

Bucket List Item

Believe it or not, people will financially support you to see you do something crazy! Have you ever wanted to run a marathon, hike a mountain, visit all 50 states in a week, etc? Find something on your bucket list, set a goal, and share it will friends and family! Tell others you will be completing this feat upon meeting your fundraising goal. You get to check something off your bucket list and lives are forever changed in Ghana!

Lemonade Stand

Don’t underestimate the impact of this classic method of raising money. Just $35 can provide clean water for an entire family! Let the people in your neighborhood and across the world both be refreshed. 

Spring Cleaning

Most of us have some drawers, closets, or rooms that could use some organizing and sorting through. Have a garage sale or post items on sale on social media. Then instead of using the money to buy more things and later go through this process again, use the money to give people something we take for granted: clean water! Your spring cleaning can change lives.  

Bake Sale

Pull out all those great recipes! Give people a treat and use the money to provide clean water! 

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With each water filter donation, more water is added to the bucket!

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Provide clean water today!

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