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About OneWay Water

Mission & Method

Mission of OneWay Water

Hundreds of Ghanaians drink water many of us wouldn’t even want to wade in. Chiefs and other local leaders have asked us to help. Having seen firsthand the deplorable conditions of their water sources, we are committed to doing so.

In the last few years, our team has given hundreds upon hundreds of families simple, but effective water filters that are vastly improving their physical well-being and have opened many doors for the gospel. In fact, some villages who were formerly resistant to Christian workers have asked us to come into their communities. Why? They have heard about the crystal clear water the filters provide.

“A gift opens a way for the giver.” Proverbs 18:16

Method: Proven technology

Our locally-manufactured water filters use micro-porous clay mixed with trace amounts of silver that captures contaminates as they pass through. They are a robust, cost effective way to provide families with life’s most essential resource — safe, clean water. 

These maintenance-free water filters allow villagers to produce clean water at their own discretion, not depending on the maintenance of a well.

For $35, our local co-workers can supply a large, extended Ghanaian family with a locally-made water filter that can provide clean water for 3-5 years. 



About OneWay

OneWay has been sharing God’s love with people around the world since 2000 through a family of media and missions ministries. Our OneWay Africa team focuses on the nation of Ghana and beyond, seeing communities transformed through the hope of Christ. They also love to provide practical assistance for community transformation through initiatives like OneWay Water.

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