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The OneWay Africa team spent some time checking in on the water filters that they deployed a year ago. In the village they visited, their water filters were still working well.


We were encouraged to see the filters in action, providing clean water. The clay filters only last two or three years, but they are effective and reduce the prevalence of parasites and a variety of other issues with the water that mainly affect their youngest children.

We praise the Lord for the success of the filters. Not only do they have clean water, but because of the filters, we have established a relationship with this village and many more. Through these relationships, we have open doors to share about the Living Water that satisfies all spiritual thirst. 

These people have received a great gift and blessing that is an example of the love Jesus has for them no matter how remote a village or closed they are to the teaching of the Gospel. Clean water is an incredible first step towards reaching people for Jesus.