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One community that we distributed water filters to that had an unusual problem. They had a borehole dug for them a few years ago, but the children’s teeth became discolored when they drank the water.

Mostly, it was just children affected by the water, but the village also reported that if a pregnant woman drank the water, she would have a miscarriage. 

After tests were run, the results showed that there was too much fluoride in the water.

It is a very sad case when kids and pregnant mothers have been hurt in this way. As soon as one of the OneWay Africa team members informed us of this predicament, we decided to distribute water filters in their village. 

We prepped the filters and brought them to the village. The people were overjoyed and received the filters eagerly after we explained how to use them properly. Even some of the men stepped forward to accept the filters themselves instead of sending their wives to get them. 

We trust the water filters will take care of the excess fluoride and enable them to have clean portable water that doesn’t harm them. To ensure this, we have a bottle full of filtered water from their village to take to the lab so we can test and confirm our belief that the filters will take care of the excess fluoride. 

We also are going to talk to some dentists to see if there is anything to be done about the current state of the children’s teeth in the village.

Clean water is an incredible gift that will benefit this community for many years to come. Neither their stream nor the borehole was suitable to drink from, but now they will be able to drink without fear, and more importantly, they have seen the hands and feet of Jesus at work.