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“The water filters have a huge impact on communities,” says Emmanuel Agbenyo, a young Ghanaian who works for OneWay Africa. “We distributed water filters to a community of Muslims. When we went back later, I was interviewing people and asked if they were happy about the filters.” This was their response:

“All of our family has clean water now! No one else thinks about the water we drink. Not even the government has come to bring us clean water.”

“The water we have here does not flow to aid in removing toxins. It is stagnant, our cows bathe in it, and it is full of diseases. But, now our water is clean.”

We all want to become Christians! You thought of us and our water. If people who follow Jesus think of those without water, we want to follow Jesus!”

Emmanuel was thrilled. “We have reached out to so many communities in Kombaland, but testimonios like this make me want to do more.”